Lufwanyama DC bemoans the state of his district

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DESPITE being only 65 miles (105 km), by road, southwest of the most urban and industrialised part of the country, the mining cities of the Copperbelt, Lufwanyama is underdeveloped and lacks infrastructure such as electricity, all-weather roads and hospitals. Zambia National Commercial Bank, the largest financial services provider in the country, by assets, maintains a branch in the town.

Lufwanyama district commissioner Kalela has bemoaned the state of affairs in his district which hardly has social facilities, accommodation, good roads and clean water, the conditions of the district are bad that he as a DC has to commute every day from Kitwe to Lufwanyama and carry out his daily official duties.

He said it’s cumbersome for him like any other person who commutes to and from Lufwanyama and called on stake holders to quickly intervene.

“Despite my district being the major holder of Emrald mines in the country it is disappointing to note that it is the most under developed mining district in Zambia, but am still hopeful that the operating Companies will engage other stake holders and develop the district, the district only has one thatched guest house which should not be the case we need new infructructure,” said Kalela.

And mining geologist Sixtus Mulenga who is among the panellists at the on going Emerald summit in Lusaka has advised the operating companies in Lufwanyama to have a conscious for the people who are sitting in poverty.