Chitotela urges Luwingu residents to support subsidy removal

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Chitotela urges Luwingu residents to support subsidy removal


Luwingu, May 31, ZANIS —— Labour and Social Security Deputy Minister Ronald Chitotela has appealed to the community in Luwingu district to support the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize product by the government.


Mr Chitotela says although the removal of subsidies is painful to those who were beneficiaries, the move will greatly improve the well being of many poor people.


He said the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel is meant to channel the resources towards infrastructure development which include the construction of roads, hospitals, schools and other developmental projects.


“Yes, although it is a very difficult decision made by the PF government we need to accept it because it benefits the poor people who have not gained anything on fuel and maize subsidies,” he added.


Mr Chitotela said government has started infrastructure development which includes the 8000 kilometre link Zambia project under Roads Development Agency, the construction of hospitals, schools and universities.


He said that these projects are vital especially in remote areas such as Luwingu, Mporokoso, Kaputa and other districts where development is almost zero.


Mr Chitotela said the previous government only managed to construct 10 roads countrywide in 20 years which some of them have been washed away by heavy rains.


He said President Sata ’s government is in top gear and wants to leave a mark because all the resources saved from fuel and maize subsidies will be channelled towards infrastructure development that will benefit the ordinary citizen.


Mr Chitotela said the removal of subsidy will result in an equitable distribution of national wealth through the country.


He said the subsidy only meant to benefit the mines and few Zambians while the rest remained poor despite Zambia having abundant natural resources such as water, land and minerals.


And Luwingu District Commissioner Mambwe Katontoka said the Luwingu residents have welcome the removal of subsidies saying the move will see much needed development in the area such as the construction of roads to connect the district to other districts in Northern and Luapula provinces.


Mrs Katontoka said the district will benefit from the money saved from the subsidies saying development will take place in the district such as the construction of Luwingu – Nsombo road, Luwingu Samfya, Luwingu Kaputa, Luwingu Kawambwa and Luwingu Mansa roads.


She said that these roads will bring major development and prices for transportation of goods and services will reduce compared to now.


Meanwhile District AIDS Coordinator Advisor, Father Nathan Kabwe has condemned the university students who demonstrated against removal of subsidies from maize and fuel  two weeks ago saying their behaviour portrayed as if they where students from primary school.


Fr Kabwe said the students should have first analysed the situation and debated fully other than going into the streets.


He said people in rural areas have not benefited from the same subsidies adding that subsidies meant to serve the people along the line of rail such Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt provinces while the rest have been struggling for their survival.


Fr Kabwe said Zambia is not Lusaka alone where people are buying cheap and subsidies things such mealie meal and fuel.


He lamented that in Luwingu people with vehicles are buying diesel at KR11 per litre and petrol KR15, 000 per litre while mealie meal is K75,000 (KR75) per 25 kg bag of breakfast meal and K65,000 (KR65) per 25 kg of roller meal respectively.