Labour based technology reduces unemployment

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–Government says labour based technologies are cardinal in creating employment for the unemployed youths.

Speaking during the official opening of a two days workshop on the mainstreaming of labour based technologies in Zambia, Transport, Works, Supply and Communication Deputy Minister Mwimba Malama said labour based technologies has the potential to spur employment creation in the construction sector.

Mr Malama said infrastructure development is key in addressing the challenges of mass employment through the use of labour based technologies.

He explained to the delegates that long time ago Zambia was using the labour based technologies in the construction sector which helped to create employment before switching to Mechanised technology.

He complained that Mechanised technology does not provide employment opportunities for the masses.

However Mr Malama admitted that Mechanised technology is quicker when executing projects this is despite the technology not creating adequate employment.

He stressed that labour based technologies should be encouraged as this will help to mitigate youth unemployment in the country.

The workshop attracted provincial Permanent Secretaries, Members of Parliament and Contractors.

Meanwhile National Council for Construction (NCC) Vice Chairman Phesto Musonda saluted government for gracing the official opening of the two days workshop.