SAFADA backs government on subsidy removal

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The Small Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA) has supported government’s move to remove subsides on fuel and maize.

ZANIS reports that SAFADA Executive Director Boyd Moobwe said Zambians should not apprehensive about the removal of subsidies but should instead be concerned about how savings that were accrue from this move would be spent.


Mr. Moobwe said government’s statement that savings from subsidies would be used to improve infrastructure and provide social amenities should make people happy because it is about uplifting their living standards.


He said this yesterday when he addressed a group of widows in Chelston area in Lusaka.


Mr. Moobwe further noted that farmers should not worry about subsides but instead leave the matter to policy makers to handle especially that government cannot neglect its people.


He has since appealed to all small scale farmers in the country to support government’s move adding that the latter will soon find meaningful ways of sustaining the Farmers Input Support Programmes that will benefit all farmers equally.


Mr. Moobwe said government should however continue to explain the motive behind the removal of subsides in simple teams so that people in all parts of the country can know the implications and benefits of such a move.


He said it was unfortunate that people in rural areas were usually behind in knowing governments policies and never react on any negative or positive policy framework hence the need for relevant authorities to get to remote places and explain certain decisions.


Mr. Moobwe said SAFADA was ready to work with government in reaching out to people across the country and ensure that they have equal understanding of the issues that concern them.


He further pledged to work with women especially widows in the country to ensure that they provide food for their families and save money for self sustenance.


He said his agency will soon start empowering women through training them in various skills that will add value to their already existing businesses.