Villagers in Mporokoso still unaware of rebasing of the Kwacha

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People in some rural parts of Mporokoso and the newly created Nsama and Nsumbu districts in Northern Province are still holding on the old Zambian currency, five months after the Kwacha was rebased.

This is due to lack of information as the areas have poor or no radio and television reception and thereby making people living in these areas unaware of the deadline.

Mporokoso District Post Master Wamundila Mubita disclosed that people in some remote parts of Mporokoso are not even aware of the deadline when the old currency will seize to be legal tender.

Pastor Mubita, who is also a community radio initiator, noted that if the people in the area were not sensitized, they would mourn on June 30th, which is the deadline for the transacting in old currency.

And Deputy Minister of Information Mwansa Kapeya said government will this year put up 25 frequency modulation (FM) transmitters in districts that have poor or no radio reception so that people are up to date with the rest of the country.

Mr. Kapeya said government wanted to enhance communication linkages with people by improving radio and television signals countrywide.

The Deputy Minister also disclosed that government has made progress in setting up provincial television station and establish local language newspapers.

He said government has set aside KR22 million in this year’s national budget for the establishment of provincial television stations.

He said once the signals were improved and television stations set up, people will be able to learn about government policies and programmes that were going on countrywide.

Mr. Kapeya said this will also enable people to make informed decisions.

He has since directed heads of departments to sensitize people on issues such as the rebasing of the Kwacha and the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel, a topic which has attracted comments from the general public and political players.