-Prisons milling plant set for commissioning

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—Zambia Prisons Service Commissioner Percy Chato says Kalonga Milling plant in Kabwe will begin its test operations by next week Friday.


Commissioner Chato said the plant and storage shed which have been set up at a total cost of K2 billion Kwacha will have a production capacity of eight tonnes per 24hours.


He said what is remaining is to install electricity by ZESCO and connecting water for operations to start.


Mr. Chato said the plant will be ready for commissioning by June this year for full operations to begin.


He explained that the major consumers of the mealie meal from the plant will be prisons and excess supply will then be sold to the public.


He said the prisons want to do away with the issue of buying mealie meal for inmates but resort to producing its own using the maize grown by the prisoners throughout the country.


The Kalonga Milling plant is one project aimed at increasing sustainability in the provision of food to the prisoners.

The construction of the Milling plant is in line with the Zambia Prisons Service commitment to improving its services, value addition and self-sustainability.