Increased road carnage worries minister

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Increased road carnage worries minister

Nchelenge, May 24, ZANIS ——-Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Mwansa Kapeya has bemoaned the increasing number of road accidents in the country.

Mr Kapeya said following the removal of fuel subsidies on fuel, Zambians should reduce on playing in the roads with their cars and instead use public transport so that there can be few vehicles on the roads.

The Deputy Minister noted that the country’s economy has grown as evidenced by the increasing number of vehicles on the road but advised motorists to utilize public transport during the week in order to keep roads free from traffic congestion.

He said this when he addressed heads of government departments and the business community of Nchelenge district at the council today.

He cited the Great North Road, a stretch between Kabwe and Lusaka as one of the most dangerous part of the roads where accidents occur frequently.

Mr Kapeya said government removed subsidies on fuel because the large chunk of the commodity went to the mines who are the largest consumers of fuel which was being subsidized by poor Zambians.

The deputy minister wondered why government should continue subsidizing fuel for Mines that make colossal sums of money at the expense of developing areas where poor Zambians live.

He noted that following the removal of fuel subsidies, government did not expect transporters to increase fares as they did not reduce fares when the PF government reduced the cost of fuel when they just came into government.

Mr Kapeya disclosed that government is working on modalities of making Indeni to start processing crude oil into finished fuel adding that once the production commences, the country will get double benefits as the process will also produce a by-product which is used
in tarring roads.

He further urged heads of government departments to understand the reason behind government’s move to remove subsidies on fuel and maize.

Stakeholders at the meeting had time to get clarification from the Minister on the issues of subsidies and pledged to spread the message to people in the community.