Mazabuka DC accuses his council of frustrating govt’s efforts

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Mazabuka DC accuses his council of frustrating  govt’s efforts


Mazabuka , May 23rd, 2013, ZANIS  — Mazabuka District Commissioner Eugene Munyama has accused Mazabuka District  Council of continuously frustrating government’s efforts to uplifting the living standards of the people in the area.


And the Patriotic Front in the area says the Municipal Council in the area is not supporting the ruling party’s agenda .


Mr.  Munyama lamented that his office has noted with sadness lack of communication on the part of the council to the government on how they are utilizing the funds that government releasing to them.


He charged that Mazabuka Municipal Council is at the moment working in isolation and is sidelining government departments including his office in as far as implementing government developmental projects in the District is concerned.


ZANIS reports that The District Commissioner was speaking at his office , today.


This was when Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister John Kufuna paid a courtesy call on him during his tour of government developmental projects in the District.


Mr.Munyama observed that the Council is currently operating in a vacuum and keeping as secret public funds that government is allocating to it saying there is no transparency and accountability in the disbursements of such funds on the part of the Local Authority.


“This council is denying us an opportunity to know and follow closely on how the funds that are released by government and aimed at implementing various developmental projects in the area are being utilized because our friends from the council are failing to avail both government and other stakeholders such information,” he said.


Mr. Munyama was referring to the KR 2.8 million given to the council to maintain both township and feeder roads in the area as well as the KR 500  that is meant to put up street lights in the township.


The District Commissioner also accused the council of coming up with a scheme within its ranks were all those that are seen to be aligning themselves with the ruling party have been recommended for transfers out of the council.


“We note with regret that our colleagues in the council have already kicked off the campaigns and are de-campaigning the Party in government by making sure that officers that are aligning themselves to the ruling party are being recommended for transfers by senior management,” he charged.


Mr. Munyama has since appealed to the ministry of Local Government and Housing to consider dissolving the entire Mazabuka Municipal Council saying the move will help install sanity and help government deliver development in the District.


And P.F District Chairperson Gift Hanziba charged that the current behavior by management at the council clearly demonstrates that they working for the opposition and will every means possible to frustrate any efforts that government will want to put in place in order to bring development.


Mr.Hanziba who accused management of being controlled by the UPND mayor Lloyd Buumba said  the money that government released for the roads and the street lighting has not been used properly and the works done on the two projects are should.


Mr.Hanziba who accompanied the minister on the tour of Projects asked government to seriously reflect on the operations of the local authority saying the P.F in the District is aware of the fact that the council, which he said is full of UPND cadres in the area, has no heart for the people.


“Honorable Deputy Minister we have nothing against officials from the council but all we want is to see to it that money that is being released by government is put to good use.


“  As a party we realize that if things such as roads are not properly worked on despite releasing huge sums of money for such projects, our colleagues from the opposition will use such as a weapon to de-campaign us a thing we won’t tolerate,” he stated.


Mr.Hanziba further charged that what is more saddening is the arrogance and lack of cooperation on the part of management at the council whenever stakeholders are called upon to try and reason with them on issues that are affecting members of the community.


And Mr. Kufuna who toured the stretch of the street lighting on the great North Road disclosed that his office will seriously consider the views of both the District Commissioner and the party in the area.


He said that government will not tolerate individuals and organizations that deliberately want to frustrate its development agenda.


He acknowledged that the concerns raised on the street lighting were genuine saying distance between the lights poses a challenges because it is more than the recommended fifty meters.


Acting Town Clerk Sampa Chiyengi earlier briefed the minister that the council was facing serious financial challenges result from a poor revenue base.