ZNS called to setup milling plants

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ZNS called to setup milling plants


Kaoma, May 22, ZANIS —Government has directed the Zambia National Service (ZNS) command to quickly setup a milling  plant to help deal with the national shortage of milling capacity leading to high mealie meal prices in the country.


Defence Deputy Minister in charge of Rural Development and National Service Joseph Lungu said the move will help stabilize mealie meal prices by flooding the market with cheaper mealie meal.


Col. Lungu was speaking at Mangango ZNS Camp on his familiarization tour of ZNS offices in Western province.


He noted that ZNS has the capacity to become a major supplier of agro-produce in the region if given the necessary equipment. 


Col. Lungu who bemoaned the maize yields the service has produced during the last farming season however said that government will empower the service with new farming machinery to promote mechanized agriculture production in all ZNS units.


He disclosed that government will purchase tractors, planters, sprayers and national centre pivot irrigation systems as a permanent feature for ZNS production units to which Mangango ZNS camp will benefit once it’s connected to the electricity national grid.


Meanwhile, the Defence Deputy Minister explained government’s removal of subsidies on fuel and maize to make the officers understand government operations.


He explained that government was losing about KR 300 through subsidies every month thereby deepening poverty levels in the country.


Col. Lungu said the removal of subsidies will help turn around the economy.


He further urged officers to remain committed to service by displaying loyalty, accountability and patriotism to government through quality service delivery.