Zambia, CRC to cement relation further

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Zambia, CRC to cement relation further

Lubumbashi, May 20, ZANIS ——- Ndola Deputy Mayor Patrick Kanyanta has said Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will strive to maintain and strengthen the bilateral cordial relations that exist between the two countries.

And Mr Kanyanta has also said the local authority will ensure that it learns how to run the affairs of the local authority from Lubumbashi local authority to improve the lives of the people of Ndola in teams of service delivery.

The Deputy Mayor who was a delegation leader for Ndola councillors said this during a dinner hosted for Ndola City Council over the weekend in Lubumbashi by Lubumbashi local authority.

Mr Kanyanta said Zambia and DRC will continue working together because the two countries cannot do without each another.

He said local governments need to exchange ideas in order to improve their service delivery to the people in their respective communities.

He said if the Ndola city council and Lubumbashi local authority worked together and exchanged ideas, it will be easy for the two local authorities to improve the economic and social status of the communities they serve.

And representative for Lubumbashi Mayor Jose Kazani said the local authority was happy to note that the existing relationship between the two local authorities was growing and getting stronger.

Ndola city council was in Lubumbashi at the invitation of Lubumbashi Lokolo sport for friendly women and men’s football.

And speaking on behalf of other Councillors Joseph Chibulu said Ndola City council did not visit Lubumbashi for friendly football only but to learn and emulate how the local authority should be operating.

Mr Chibulu said the local authority learnt on how to have a good road network within the city and that it will emulate Lubumbashi local authority on how to create recreation facilities in the city.

Meanwhile, Lubumbashi Lokolo sport President Symeon Tezzo WA-Tezzo said DRC and Zambia was one country despite Ndola city council winning the men’s football saying the relationship that exists between the two countries is what is important.

Mr Tezzo-WA-Tezzo said if it was within his powers to cut off the boundaries that separate the two countries he would do so in order for Zambia and DRC to become one big country.