Government commends the church

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Government commends the church

Luangwa, May 20, ZANIS ——– Government has commended the church for supplementing its efforts in improving the wellbeing of the people in the country.

Speaking during the commemoration of the Pentecostal day held at Katondwe Catholic parish in Luangwa district yesterday, Home Affairs Minister, Edgar Lungu said government appreciates the cordial relation with the church and urged the Christian community to continue praying for all political leaders.

Mr Lungu said it is only through prayers that the country will continue enjoying the peace that has prevailed since independence adding that the church should continue praying for all political leaders so that the love and unity prevails.

And Katondwe Catholic church parish Priest, Everisto Kabungo commended the PF government for working tirelessly in improving the wellbeing of the people especially in remote areas such as Luangwa.

Fr Kabongo noted that the tarring of the Luangwa D145 main road and the connection of the district to the national electricity grid will enhance development in the area.

He said these new developments will improve the livelihood of the people of Luangwa economically and socially.

Meanwhile the Home Affairs Minister has defended government’s removal of subsidies saying this is aimed at channelling resources to the poor.

Mr Lungu said fuel subsidies were only benefiting a few individuals against the majority of Zambians, adding that the money will be channelled to other developmental projects.

He said the PF government was in a hurry to improve the livelihood of the majority of Zambians and appealed to the people to support government in its vision to develop the nation.