National Sports Council of Zambia seeks sponsors for sports awards

National Sports Council of Zambia AWARD CERTIFICATE
National Sports Council of Zambia AWARD CERTIFICATE
National Sports Council of Zambia AWARD CERTIFICATE

THE National Sports Council of Zambia is seeking sponsorship for the 2012 sports awards.

Speaking at the launch of the 2012 sports council awards, awards committee chairperson Smart Mwitwa said the awards were expected to be held on July 5 at the government complex.

Mwitwa said the committee had prepared five sponsorship packages for the awards.

He said first sponsorship package was the platinum at a cost of KR120000 and the sponsor would earn the naming right for the awards.

Other packages included gold at KR80000, silver for KR50000, bronze at KR20000 and copper at KR10000.

“The awards are important for the sports men and women because they motivate them to even work hard. It will be difficult for the people who will do the nominations because all sporting disciplines did very well last year,” Mwitwa said.

He further thanked the government for sponsoring all sporting disciplines equally.

Meanwhile deputy sports minister Chinda Miyutu urged the NSCZ to continue working with the corporate world to ensure that the awards grow every year.

“Sport has scored positive results in the last two years and everyone should support these awards. Sports plays an important role in society both socially and economically,” Miyutu said.

Sportsmen and women, administrators and association would be awarded for their achievements in 2012 during the awards night.