Solwezi DC calls for corresponding funds towards HIV/AIDS

AIDS in Zambia

Solwezi District Commissioner Crispine Likando has called for money channelled towards the fight against HIV/AIDS to match with the ever increasing population in the district.

Mr Likando said the situation is causing alarm and fear in the people because the district has seen an ever increasing population of both adults and youths who are sexually active but without a corresponding rise in financing resources directed to the fight against the pandemic.

He said to worsen the situation, the population in the district is characterized by a pronounced mobile population which has resulted in more labour immigrants and increased trade not only with close neighbouring countries but also from far away countries like Rwanda, Burundi and many others.

Mr Llikando said this situation has compromised the HIV status of the local population especially that many people do not know their HIV status.

He said this in a speech read on his behalf by Solwezi District AIDS Task Force Chairperson David Manda during the official opening of the district HIV/AIDS strategic planning review yesterday.

Mr Likando said the new HIV infections are occurring everyday because the use of Condoms and other prevention measures are not commonly practiced while Antiretroviral Therapy Centers are scarce and distantly placed.

Speaking at the same occasion National AIDS Council Director of Programs, Harold Witola said there is need to scale up HIV/AIDS prevention measures because resources for the pandemic are dwindling.

Mr Witola said currently there are over 500,000 people who are on Anti-retroviral drugs in the country.

He said it is more important to increase on prevention measures so that those that are already on the drugs can be sustained rather than having more people needing drugs yet resources are dwindling.