Eastern PF dismisses allegation of buying the opposition

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–The Patriotic Front (PF) in Eastern Province has maintained that the recent by elections and mass defections to the party by opposition Members of Parliament are not as a result of corruption as the PF has no financial capacity to buy off the opposition.

Acting PF Provincial Chairperson Mike Tembo said that opposition members were trekking to the ruling party because they appreciate President Michael Sata’s good leadership and developmental policies.

Mr Tembo has also dismissed allegations by some sections of the society that the ruling party is using money to attract people to defect from their parties.

Speaking when he featured on the “Big issue programme on Feel Free radio”, Mr Tembo said it is not true that PF can be spending money just to entice people to join the ruling party.

He explained that the PF does not have the capacity to buy people adding that it is also struggling to find financial resources.

“We are also broke we do not have the capacity to buy people to join our party, we are also currently facing a lot of financial challenges,” he said.

He however, noted that what is attracting people to the ruling party is the good economic and developmental policies that government has put in place.

Mr Tembo said the party has intensified it mobilisation exercise at all levels in the bid to make the party grow in Eastern province.

He cited the scooping of all the local government seats which were previously held by the MMD in Petauke and the recent defection of the counsellor in Lundazi as an indication that people in Eastern province want to be part of the development that is currently taking place in the country.

Meanwhile, Mr Tembo called on PF members to show high levels of discipline and remain loyal to the party.

He said there is need for PF members to always strive at living an exemplary life and avoid all forms of confusions that have the potential to bring divisions in the party.

He further said party members should remain united and avoid forming camps with divergent views ahead of the coming by election in Chipata central constituency.