Traditional leader bemoans uncooperative stance among his subjects

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Senior Chief Chiwala of the Lamba speaking people of Masaiti district has unearthed a scam in which certain individuals are allegedly inciting his subjects to resist developmental projects that are taking place in his chiefdom.

Chief Chiwala disclosed that his subjects are been misled in refusing to be relocated so that developmental projects earmarked for the area do not take off.

He said companies that want to set up industries in the area have built beautiful houses where people that have to be relocated can move into.

Chief Chiwala stated that surprisingly people are refusing to move on the pretext that their mud houses are better than the two roomed brick houses that have been constructed for them.

He said it is unfortunate that such a situation is happening as the setting up of more companies in the area will result in a lot of jobs that will be created for the local people.

The traditional leader made the revelation when Gender and Child Development Deputy Minister Josephine Limata paid a courtesy call on him at his palace in Masaiti district recently.

He said one company, Neelkanth Lime Limited which is involved in the production of lime will employ a total number of 1, 200 local people once full operations commence.

Chief Chiwala said many other companies have expressed willingness to invest in the area but that they are been frustrated by people that are refusing to be relocated elsewhere.

And the traditional leader has commended government on its endeavor to empower women across the country.

Chief Chiwala said the empowerment of women is imperative because of the dedication and hard work they attach to responsibilities that are placed on them.

The Chief also praised government on its plan to set up an animal breeding institute in his chiefdom, saying it will result in more people being employed.

And Gender and Child Development Deputy Minister Josephine Limata noted that the creation of employment in the area will reduce poverty levels among the people.

Ms Limata said government appreciates strides that are aimed at improving the livelihood of its citizens especially marginalized groups like women and young children.

She said the majority of rural women were wallowing in poverty and it was the intention of government to change the status quo and empower them so that they can also contribute in the social and economic development of the country.