Opposition Councillor commends PF government

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Opposition Councillor commends PF government

Mkushi, May 7, ZANIS ——–A Ward Councillor in Mkushi North constituency has commended the Patriotic Front (PF) government for effecting prompt attention to developmental projects in this Ward.


Chalata Ward Councillor Justin Nshimba of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) told ZANIS that the PF government deserved to be commended for speedily attending to various long term challenges in this Ward.


Mr Nshimba said that the PF government had responded to long standing challenges such as water supply, saying that four bore holes were being sunk in various parts of the Ward.


He said that he was impressed with the speedy attention to the plight of Chalata residents, explaining that shortage of clean safe water had been a long standing problem in many parts of his Ward.


He said that coupled with water related interventions, the PF government had facilitated for the upgrading of the only school in Chibwe-mkunga area from Community school status to Primary school.


Mr Nshimba disclosed that government had funded KR400 000 last year towards construction works for this school to be upgraded into better infrastructure.


He said that there was need for residents to acknowledge that the PF government was evidently making a positive change in the aspects of developmental projects for Chalata Ward as well as other parts of Mkushi district.


Mr Nshimba also mentioned that he believed that the trend of defections from opposition political parties to the ruling PF, was likely to increase as he believed that the PF had shown promise that it could improve the country.


And Mwalala Ward (PF) Councillor, Benford Katiti has appealed to government to consider speeding up efforts aimed at attracting investments into mining activities in the Luano valley.


Mr Katiti observed that the creation of Luano district had cheered residents of the Valley chiefdoms of Chembe, Mboroma, Mboshya as well as the plateau chiefdoms of Kaundula and Kaneshya.


He said that such a move offered much promise to efforts that are aimed at exploring the mineral wealth of Luano district, adding that Mwalala Ward in particular was endowed with potential in Gold, Coal and Quartz.


He said that in this regard, there was need for governmental involvement to help facilitate for local as well as foreign investments into the area.


Mr Katiti recently bounced back to Mkushi’s 17 strong Council Chamber membership following his defection from the MMD to PF, as Mwalala Ward Councillor.