Luwingu PF condemns Father Bwalya

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Luwingu PF condemns Father Bwalya


Luwingu, May 6, ZANIS —– Patriotic Front (PF) Luwingu district leadership has condemned Father Frank Bwalya’s recent utterances aimed at demeaning the ruling party and the government.


In a statement released to Zambia News and Information Services in Luwingu today and signed by the District Chairperson Kephas Chibwe stated that the PF leadership as well as all members of PF in the district are aggrieved with his utterances.


“If father Bwalya had seen anything wrong with the government and is a person whose stance is to see that wrong things are corrected, Father Bwalya should have made an appointment with the president and make his grievances known to him,” read in parts.


Mr Chibwe stated in the statement that father Bwalya has betrayed the president who had appointed him as Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) Board Chairman by uttering remarks aimed at bringing the party into disrepute.


“As the PF we feel betrayed by his action and that we find him to be useless to the present society of Zambia and we cannot trust him anymore,” Chibwe said in a statement.


And father Nathan Kabwe said his fellow Roman Catholic priest has lost his opportunity to be part and parcel of the historic development of this country.


Father Kabwe said the PF government has an agenda of developing this country and needed people who are committed and dedicated to practical work.


He said he was disappointed to note that Father Bwalya who campaigned along side with the President Sata has resigned so quickly without fulfilling the promises made during the 2011 presidential and general elections.


Father Kabwe said his fellow clergy has refused to help Zambian people to put an end to load shedding by prematurely running away from the responsibility placed on his shoulders as ZESCO Board Chairman.


“Father Bwalya has proved to the people that he is a failure. We are not going to allow him to distract the government from delivering its promises which he made along side with the campaigning team in the 2011 presidential elections,” he added.


He said that he (Father Kabwe) is more than ready to work with the PF government if he (father Bwalya) is not willing to work with the government of the day.


Father Kabwe said Father Bwalya would only be remembered for slaughtering a chicken in a grave yard an act which is not only unchristian but also barbaric.


He appealed to Father Bwalya to rescind his decision and come back to PF in order to accomplish his objectives of developing the nation alongside President Michael Sata and his government.