Minister advises parents not to marry off children at tender age

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—–Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde has called on people of Chibale in Chief Chibale’s area in Serenje district to stop marrying off their girl children at a tender age.

Speaking at Chibale Primary School in Munchinga constituency yesterday when he addressed the gathering, Dr Kasonde said that marrying off the girl child at the age of 16 brings untold misery on the innocent child and brings delivery implications.

Dr. Kasonde said PF government is committed to ensure that an early marriage was stopped and children should concentrate on education for the betterment of their future.

Dr Kasonde who launched the campaign against early marriage under the theme “Let the Girls be Girls not the Bride” said when a girl reaches a stage of puberty it does not mean that she has the
responsibilities of running the household.

The Minister called on the people of Chibale to take it seriously marring off their children at the age of 21 because by than they are matured enough.

And at the same occasion his Royal Highness Chief Chibale who was happy to receive the Minister and launched the programme in his Chiefdom thanked Dr Kasonde for addressing his subjects, adding that the gesture will add value to what he has embarked on.

Chief Chibale warned his subjects that he will continue to punish those who will be abrogating the laws of Zambia in his chiefdom.

And a concerned resident Wilfred Chisenga told the Minister that government should also put in strong measures on the dressing conduct of young girls saying their dressing also contributed to the breakdown of moral fibre among the male folk as they are in most cases got attracted to the young girls.

Mr Chisenga also called on the government to quickly address the issue of video shows that have become so common and noted to be contributing to the corrupt minds of the young girls and boys.