Chibombo PF warns cadres forming parallel party structure

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The ruling Patriotic Front in Chibombo district has warned party cadres in Katuba constituency, who are allegedly trying to form parallel structures instead of recognising party administration, that they will be disciplined.

Chibombo District Patriotic Front (PF) Chairperson Barnabas Masupelo said those involved in dividing the constituency will not be tolerated in the area.

Mr. Masupelo said the PF in Katuba constituency was fully in support of Dr. Patrick Chikusu as area Member of Parliament and President Michael Sata’s government.

He sounded the warning today during the meeting comprising people from Keembe, Chisamba and Katuba constituencies at Shambalaya’s Lodge in Chisamba district of Central Province.

Mr. Masupelo further said those involved in political bickering in the constituency should wait for 2016 when they will be able to choose a person of their choice.

The District PF Chairperson also urged the people of the three constituencies and the rest of the country massively vote of President Michael Sata in 2016 because of his good leadership style.

And Mr. Masupelo has thanked President Michael Sata for creating two more districts in Central Province.

He said the creating of new districts will create jobs for the local people.

Meanwhile, Mr. Masupelo has appealed to President Sata to consider improving the Landless Corner road which is not in a good state.