Govt. to create jobs through increased social, economic investment

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Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing Nicholas Banda has underscored government’s commitment to ensuring that decent jobs are created through increased investment in social and economic programmes in Zambia.

Mr. Banda said in Chilanga during the district labour day celebrations that this day was an opportunity for employers to reflect on issues affecting their workers and also appreciate their contribution to the growth of the country’s economic.

He said government will continue to attach great importance to youth employment creation.

Mr. Banda has also said government will continue working with the private sector in order to ensure that entrepreneurs have access to cheap credit for investment.

He said in fulfilling this pledge, government has introduced a policy rate which provides for financial market participation.

Mr. Banda said government’s vision was to integrate youth in the national development agenda by providing field training.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) government will endeavour to attain higher economic growth of more than 8.0 percent which should in turn to reduce unemployment and poverty levels in the country.

And speaking at the same function, Chilanga District Commissioner Patrick Phiri said Zambia will only develop if workers devote themselves to duty and are disciplined.

This year’s Labour Day was celebrated under the theme “transforming the economy through job creation, labour law reforms and better conditions of service and improved work culture”.