Siavonga council workers in court for theft

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—-Three employees of Siavonga District Council today appeared for mention in the magistrate’s court for theft of over KR2,300 belonging to the local authority.

Before Siavonga magistrate, Barthlomeo Kaongo, were Edward Simweemba, 48, a foreman, Smart Saiti, 39, a bricklayer, both of Kanyelele compound, and David Chilapya of Mitcho compound, all from the department of works.

The trio stood charged with theft by public servant contrary to Sections 272 and 277 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

The trio is alleged to have swindled the local authority by alleging to have bought building materials worth over KR2.300 from a hardware shop identified as Kariba Ventures meant for the renovating a house for the council treasurer when not.

Meanwhile the case did not proceed because magistrate Kaongo was on leave and that he was just handling old cases.

‘’You are just appearing for mention today and you will appear again for another mention on 14 May, 2013 because I am on leave and I cannot proceed with the new cases. I am just handling the old cases but the new magistrate will preside over your cases and your police bonds have been extended” , he said.


  1. Any details on ZNBC TV news story of financial mismanagement at Siavonga Council? Which Councilors and which officers, if any, are involved? And what amounts are involved? if true, what action has been or is being taken against the culprits?