Pneumococcal vaccine launched in Kasama

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—The newly introduced Pneumococcal vaccine has been launched in Kasama district.

Kasama District Commissioner, Kalanga Bwalya, launched the vaccine alongside the 2013 African Vaccination week over the weekend.

Mr Bwalya disclosed that the vaccine is meant to prevent children under the age of five years from contracting pneumonia.

He has called on women in the district to take their children for vaccination and ensure that they are protected by from pneumonia.

Mr Bwalya said Government is committed to ensuring that people, especially children are protected from such deadly diseases as pneumonia.

The District Commissioner has since commended health officials in the district for their efforts in ensuring that they prevent the outbreak of diseases among under five children.

And Acting Kasama District Medical Officer, Abel Livingi, has advised women to encourage each other on the importance of immunization.

Mr Livingi said health workers alone cannot manage to distribute information, hence the need for everyone to take part in the activities.

He has since assured Government that the health workers will put in their best in making sure that the information about the new vaccine is disseminated to all people in the district.