Journalists advised to be proactive and responsible

Journalist gear

Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Bert Mushala, has called on journalists to be proactive and responsible in their reporting.

Mr Mushala says this is because media personal have an important role to play in influencing decision making among the people in the country hence their reporting should be positive.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Chipata, MrMushala said journalists also have a role to play in uplifting the living standards of the people by reporting on issues that affect them such as developmental programmes.

He expressed worry that journalists nowadays only report about political matters neglecting other important issues that can bring about change in the lives of the people.

He said this is why there is need for journalists to enhance their reporting and be answerable to the needs of the people in community where they operate from.

He disclosed that the problem with Zambian journalists has been that most of them only concentrate on reporting on political and other issues that are not relevant to the common Zambian in rural areas.

“There are a lot of issues that journalists can report about rather than just talking about politics. The people want to hear about developmental programmes, what government is doing for them and you must be answerable to all these needs,” he added.

He explained that the media must play its role of educating by ensuring that people in the country are helped to understand certain programmes through enhanced sensitization on topical issues and always disseminating information that can add value to the country’s economic development.

The PS further added that journalists should also help government identify needy areas by highlighting serious issues affecting the people such as poverty that can lead to quick interventions.

Mr Mushala has since called on journalists as they commemorate Press Freedom Day this Friday to reflect what role they are playing in the country’s developmental agenda and what are they contributing to help in uplifting the welfare of the people in society where they operate.

Zambian journalists will this Friday join the rest of the World in commemorating World Press Freedom Day which will be held under the theme “SAFETY FOR JOURNALISTS AND MEDIA WORKERS”.