Liuwa national park wildlife population increases

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The wildlife population has tremendously improved in Liuwa national park has since it was put under the management of African parks in 2004.

Liuwa National Park Manager Raquel Filgueiras told ZANIS in an interview in Kalabo that African parks significantly invested in the reintroduction of Lions, Buffaloes and Eland in the park.

Ms. Filgueiras said this has significantly helped in increasing tourist numbers in Liuwa national park.

She said there was however need to strike a balance between humans and wildlife if the country’s tourism was to strive in the area of wildlife.

She said Liuwa national park has allowed co-existence in the local community where local cattle are allowed to graze inside the park.

Ms.  Filgueiras explained that the park’s returns have also greatly increased which the management has ploughed back into the community by building extra classrooms at a local school.

She said Zambia’s wildlife has potential to develop the tourism sector if well nurtured.

She added that more still needed to be done if tourism at Liuwa national park is to make a significant impact on the development of Kalabo district.