2 toddlers drown in a well in Nangweshi

An unsafe water source in Zambia.

Two children from the same family have drowned in a well and died at their home in Nangwezhi area of Shangombo district in Western province.

The two, a girl aged 18 months and a boy aged two years, drowned in a well when they attempted to draw water yesterday.

This sad development came to light when Sinjembela Member of Parliament, Poniso Njeulu was visiting the area to check on development projects which government is undertaking.

Mr. Njeulu, who is also Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, was saddened with the death of the two toddlers and visited the funeral house where he donated food assorted stuffs.

Nangweshi Police Officer-In-Charge, Bandika Mudenda, has also confirmed the development to a ZANIS crew that visited the scene yesterday. 

Mr. Mudenda said the bodies of the two children have since been retrieved from the well awaiting burial.