Rise in malaria cases worries Chongwe health personnel


Rise in malaria cases worries Chongwe health personnel

Chongwe, April 20, ZANIS ———The Department of Health in Chongwe district is saddened by the increase in malaria prevalence rate in the district that has risen from 8 % to over 33% in the past three years.

Meanwhile, the health department is contemplating conducting a research to establish why malaria cases are on the increase despite the numerous malaria prevention measures being implemented in the district by government.

Chongwe District Medical Officer Charles Msiska disclosed this yesterday in an interview with ZANIS and described the situation as serious and worrying.

Dr Msiska said from 2005 to 2009 the district was recording a malaria prevalence rate of 8% with some health facilities recording zero cases of the disease.

He said the department of health in the district want to engage the government and cooperating partners to provide funds for the research in order to find out why the cases have kept on increasing.

Dr. Msiska however, said in the meantime his department would start conducting the Malaria Active Case Detection (MACD) in order to treat most infected residents and prevent further spread of the disease.

He also said the department would continue to sensitize residents to be sleeping under Insect Treated Mosquito Nets and to be keeping their surrounding clean before the research is conducted.