PF has not created dictator govt – Kapeya

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—-Government has described as baseless claims by United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema, in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the Patriotic Front has created a dictatorship government.

Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister, Mwansa Kapeya, says government has demonstrated its commitment to good governance and the rule of law which he said the opposition leader should be honest enough to admit instead of accusing it of bad governance and dictatorship.

The Minister noted that in a dictatorship government, Mr Hichilema would not be given media coverage or be in the limelight as he is enjoying on a daily basis.

Mr Kapeya said the UPND leader’s baseless outburst against government is as a result of the shrinking political fortune and the humiliating defeat his party has suffered in the recently held parliamentary by-elections in Livingstone and Mpongwe at the hands of the ruling PF.

“Which dictatorship is Mr Hichilema talking about that allows him to go and hold a press conference on a foreign soil (South Africa) to castigate his country and still get away with it as he did recently with other opposition leaders,” Mr Kapeya wondered.

Mr Kapeya further noted that contrary to the attacks, Mr Hichilema has exhibited high levels of political intolerance and dictatorship by dictating to his Members of Parliament not to work with the PF government at the expense of national development.

The Minister advised the UPND leader to desist from using government as a scapegoat each time he is in trouble with the law.

He said government promised a people-driven constitution which he said is underway while the free and independent media which his government promised is already in place.

He said with the creation of a new province and new districts around the country to bridge the flow of development to the people, the decentralisation of power to the people which the PF government is gaining momentum is being achieved.