Govt. Committed to providing safe and clean water

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Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister John Kufuna says the Patriotic Front (PF) Government election promises have stated bearing fruits across the country.

Mr Kufuna said the PF Administration is a pro poor government which has seriously started resolving problems which Zambians have been facing such as lack of clean and safe drinking water.

The Deputy Minister said this after an impromptu tour of Lusaka Water and Sewerage Water and Sewer Pipe in Kalingalinga, Matero, Heal View and Chikoleka in Lusaka today.

Mr Kufuna said it was not rhetoric when the PF campaigned that once voted to power it would quickly start resolving problems which thousands of Zambians go through in the nation.

He said credit should be given to the President Sata who has worked extremely hard  in the one and half year he has been in power.

Mr Kufuna said 60 per cent of the people in the nation live in Peri-urban area, hence the need for Water Company to provide enough clean drinking water to better their life.