-Delegates finalise Sector Groups Convention

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Delegates finalise Sector Groups Convention

Lusaka, April 5, 2013, ZANIS………The Sector groups Convention which opened in Lusaka on last Tuesday has entered day three with groups tasked to analyse various articles in the First Draft Constitution making final touches to the national document.

The ongoing convention which has brought together experts and professionals on constitutional matters will wind up business today.

Some groups might however not finish their task by close of business due to prolonged debate by delegates and the number articles they are required to consider.

The Sector Groups’ Convention was split into ten groups based on to the expertise of professionals and experts invited to discuss and analyse the draft constitution.

During the settings, the sector groups have been examining and deliberating on comments submitted by the national organizations and interest groups, analyse articles and clauses of the first draft constitution and make recommendations for improvement to be considered by the Technical committee.

Certain Articles and clauses have been amended or rephrased while others have been retained but with comments to correct wording for the article to be more definite instead of leaving the articles open for interpretation.

Most of the groups are today expected to wind up debate on the articles before mid day and make recommendations in the afternoon.

The convention has been convened to assist the Technical Committee to improve on the content of the first draft constitution.

During the official opening on Tuesday, Technical Committee Chairperson Annel Silungwe  urged the participants to be broadminded, objective and put national interest first as they have a rare opportunity to represent Zambians.

Prior to the Sector Group Convention the Technical Committee successfully held 82 districts consultative Fora and ten Provincial Conventions that were overwhelmingly attended by all stakeholders representing various groups of people.

At the end of the sitting today, the Sector Groups are expected to prepare individual group reports with comments and recommendations for consideration by the Technical Committee.

The Sector Groups will also elect three persons, besides the chairperson to represent the  groups at the national Convention which will be held soon.

The convention is expected to be officially closed the Technical Committee Chairperson Justice Annel Silungwe after the presentation of an overview of the next step in the constitution consultative process.