Multichoice gives 10% special discount for its monthly subscribers


MultiChoice Zambia has announced a 10% special discount offer on its monthly subscription fees that will put money back into the pockets of those subscribers who ensure that they stay connected by paying their fees on time.


MultiChoice Zambia CEO Simon Botha they are always exploring ways to bring subscribers closer to them,

“We are always exploring ways to bring our subscribers the best deals and the best home television viewing experience,” said Simon Botha. “We understand that these are difficult economic times and the 10% discount offers subscribers the opportunity to ensure that they still get the best in home entertainment, while staying within their budgets.”


The offer is valid for all subscribers who pay either monthly or three or six months in advance. Annual subscribers qualify for a slightly bigger discount of 12% at the beginning of the annual period, on condition that they pay by the last day of their subscription.


Botha said the special offer, which will be implemented from 1 April 2013, will help to ensure that subscribers aren’t adversely affected by an increase in monthly subscription fees which has been necessitated by increasing input costs of the business.

The price increases vary depending on the DStv bouquet chosen due to the high costs of acquiring different content,” said Botha. “We aim to keep the increases as small as possible and all adjustments are below the current inflation rate of 6.9% in Zambia.

He the 10% discount offer, available to all subscribers who pay their fees before being disconnected each month, will ensure that subscribers can continue to afford their preferred choice of bouquet.

“We always inform our subscribers of their next invoice date each time they pay their subscription,” said Mr. Botha. “There are also many convenient subscription options available, such as via mobile, at the bank or at our various outlets, ensuring that this is a simple and convenient process.”


Subscribers who think they might forget to pay on time are encouraged to use the direct debit payment system, simply by informing their bank to deduct a specified amount to pay their DStv subscription each month.


The subscription fees, effective 1 April 2013, will increase by 3 % on Premium and Compact and 4 % on compact plus.

“On the 10% discount offer, subscribers who pay on time each month will in fact be paying less than they were prior to the price increase,” added Botha “By paying their subscription on time and avoiding disconnection, subscribers can ensure that they enjoy a saving on their subscription each month.”


Botha emphasized that DStv offers a broad range of bouquets, each with a unique selection of family entertainment options. The DStv Premium, DStv Compact, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Family and DStv Access bouquets are offered at varying prices. The extensive range of choice available ensures that there is something suitable for a wide variety of family viewing and budget needs.


Botha said MultiChoice Africa has  continued to invest heavily not only in acquiring the best content, but in delivering African content made by Africans for Africans. The business also invests significantly in corporate social investment programs across the continent, ensuring that local communities benefit directly from the extensive reach of these projects.