–Kapeya warns against copy and paste journalism

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Kapeya warns against copy and paste journalism

Lusaka, March, 28, ZANIS—Informational and Broadcasting Services

deputy Minister Mwansa Kapeya has urged journalists to deepen their

understanding of many issues that they write about in the media.


Mr. Kapeya said journalists should not be in a hurry to only copy, cut

and paste statements but should strive to dig deeper to examine and

explain the stories behind the underlying facts and figures.


He said if journalists do not adopt the habit of deepening their

understanding of  various issues, the audience will be fed on shallow

and half baked information leading to an ill informed and

misinformed public.


The deputy minister was peaking in Lusaka yesterday at the closure of

a two day United National World Tourism Workshop Organisation (UNWTO)

workshop for journalist from various countries in Africa.


Over 100 journalists from Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe

and other African countries participated in a two day workshop aimed

at deepening media coverage ahead of the UNWTO workshop to be co

hosted by Zambia and Zimbabwe in August this year.


Mr. Kapeya commended the UNWTO for arranging the workshop which he

said has deepened the journalist’s capacity, skill and interest in

reporting on tourism and related issues.


Meanwhile, Deputy Director for the UNWTO Africa Region, Helder Thomas

said the main objective of arranging the workshop has been reached

because of the participant’s commitment during the workshop.


Mr Thomas also called on African journalists to ensure they fully market

the African tourism potential.