Male, female patients share single ward at Mkomba clinic

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——Male and female patients admitted at Mkomba Rural Health Centre in chief Kapichila’s area in Lundazi district share one ward.


This came to light when Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Mvula accompanied by Lundazi District Director of Health, Allan Chisenga, toured the Rural Health Centre during the commemoration of World TB Day held at Mkomba Basic School over the weekend.


And 39 year old Judith Nyirenda of Matako village found admitted at the same health facility,    complained to  Ms Mvula that it was un African and unethical for males and females to share one ward and called on government to construct a separate ward for male patients.

Ms Nyirenda also complained that Mkomba Rural Health Centre has no mothers’ shelter where people looking after patients could spend their nights and also prepare food for their sick relatives admitted at the clinic.


Ms Nyirenda disclosed that lack of a mothers’ shelter at Mkomba clinic forces people looking after their sick relatives to spend cold nights in the corridors of the clinic, adding that they are always subjected to harsh conditions as they are being soaked by rains.


Another female patient, Enelesi Nkunika, aged 39 of Satiyele village in Chief Mwase-Lundazi’s area, complained of lack of health staff, saying the centre was only manned by one member of staff who is always over worked.


Ms Nkunika, however, thanked government for sending enough drugs at Mkomba clinic, adding that currently patients were receiving enough drugs for various illnesses.


And in responding to complaints, Lundazi District Commissioner, Janet Mvula, expressed disappointment that male and female patients were sleeping in one ward.


However Ms Mvula challenged people of Mkomba area to be organized and mould bricks for the construction of another ward and mothers’ shelter while government will finance the construction wards and mothers shelter.


Ms  Mvula said the department of health, in consultation with Lundazi Central Member of Parliament, Mkondo Lungu, will utilize Constituency Development Funds [CDF] to construct the ward and mothers shelter.