Nyiombo Investments Limited offers apology for avoiding labor inspectors


MANAGEMENT of Nyiombo Investments Limited, who ran away from labor inspectors last Wednesday, have apologized for their action.
Labor inspectors visited the company  on Wednesday to check on how the authorities are complying with safety standards and other labor matters.
Nyiombo managers who were accompanied by assistant accountant Raphael Zulu, complained that the labor inspectors did not give prior notice when they visited the company last week after handing  themselves over to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on Friday.
Principal labor officer-employment Chanda Kaziya said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the managers showed remorse for their action and assured the ministry that such an act will never recur.
On Wednesday, managers at Nyiombo Investments headquarters in Lusaka closed their offices and vacated the premises when  inspectors from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security visited the company.
Mr Kaziya confirmed that Nyiombo managers had been to see him to try to make up for last Wednesday’s conduct.
“I was out to inspect other companies when I received a telephone call that some people from Nyiombo were looking for me. So, I returned and we had a meeting. They were remorseful for what happened on Wednesday,” Mr Kaziya said.
He said the managers wanted to put the record straight on labor matters so that there is no misunderstanding between the ministry and Nyiombo Investments Limited.
He said Nyiombo managers pledged to work with the Ministry of Labor and seek guidance on various labor matters.
Mr Kaziya said the managers indicated that misunderstandings and disagreements happened because they did not understand certain legal provisions.
“We also told them that casual workers should also be given protective clothing and they should only report when there is work for them to do,” he said.
He said the managers also complained about the approach of the inspectors but they were reminded that the impromptu visit was within the legal provisions.
Mr Kaziya also advised Nyiombo Investments to engage qualified human resource officers who can advise management on labor matters.
Last week, Mr Zulu put up a spirited argument against the inspectors and accused Mr Kaziya of ambushing Nyiombo management.