19 year old youth jailed for theft

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— Livingstone Magistrate court  has jailed 19 year old Jonathan Machakube 19, to five years with hard labour for theft.

Magistrate Edsen Shanduba found Machakube guilty in three courts the first being theft Involving KR 5450.00 contrarily to section 272 of the penal code Chapter 87.

In second count , the court found Machakube of obtaining a national registration card by false pretences contrarily to section 316 chapter 87, of the Laws of Zambia.

In the third count, the accused was found guilty of uttering false documents contrarily to section 352 chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Facts were that on March 14 2013, the complainant Evans Matakala Machakube who is a holder of an account at Barclays Bank visited the bank for the purpose of withdrawing some money through the ATM.

The ATM machine captured his ATM card and was unable to withdraw money.

Upon complaining to the Bank manager, he was informed that his card was blocked since he claimed that it was lost earlier which he disputed and the matter was reported to Linda Police station.

Documents were brought to the complainant and to his surprise he saw the police report and a copy of NRC with his particulars but had a picture of his relative who he identified.

Police instituted investigations, which reviewed that the accused person Machakube stole the complainant’s NRC which he defaced and inserted his own picture.

The accused later claimed that he needed to renew it to the assistant registration officer Jarita Siaminawe who issued a new card in the complainant’s name.

Under warn and caution statement in English the language that the accused understood very well, he made a free and voluntary reply admitting the charge.

During mitigation, Machakube asked the court to express leniency on him as he was a first offender and that his relatives had raised money for him to continue his education.

He said he had done his grade nine in 2011 and could not continue in 2012 as his relatives opted to pay for his sisters who was doing tertiary education and that this year he is suppose to continue from
where he had left off.

Judge Shanduba took into account his mitigation but noted that the crimes he had committed at such a tender age were serious offences.

He said his actions were that of a tactical criminal and sentenced him to five years for on each count which will run concurrently.

And in another matter Deddrick Mukanda 53 years, of Muwunga Village a charcoal appeared in court for mention facing the charge of murder.

Facts before the court are that on dates unknown but between 8-9th March this year Mukanda did murder Agness Mono.

When asked if he understood the charge by the court he agreed.

Judge Shanduba told him that he would continue appearing for mention in the subordinate court and instructions from the DPP to committee him to the high court for trial as the charge can only be tried in the high court.

He will appear in court again for another mention on April 4 2013.

And Murder suspect Harry Henry Lungu has appeared for mention in the court chambers.

Harry Lungu is suspected to have killed a PF party Official Harrison Chanda on 25 February 2013.

He has remained in custody awaiting instructions from the DPP’s office and he will appear for mention in court on April 9, 2013.