Zambians urged to use Chinese herbal medicines to treat various diseases

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Zambians have been urged to take advantage of the availability of the Chinese natural herbs to treat various ailments even as they as use conventional medicines.

Director of Tiens Products Water Mwamba said a lot of people have benefited from Chinese herbal medicines in many African countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

Reverend Mwamba said this during a breakfast meeting held at Golden Bridge Hotel in Lusaka today.

He said more than 35 million people in Africa have benefited from Chinese traditional medicine adding that if many Zambians adapt to such products, they would also greatly benefit.

He stated that the syndrome of always using conventional medicine should be avoided because many people have been affected, not only in Zambia but world over.

Reverend Mwamba said several diseases can be cured using Chinese herbal products adding that people should take keen interest in understanding such traditional medicines.