Namwala clergy welcome govt’ move to lift President Banda’s immunity

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Namwala clergy welcome govt’ move to lift President Banda’s immunity


Namwala,  March 20TH, 2013, ZANIS, A clergyman in Namwala District has joined in commending President Sata’s administration’s decision of lifting of the immunity of the former President Rupiah Banda.


Namwala Catholic Parish Priest Father Kennedy Sitemeki says the decision to lift the immunity of the former President was good as it will give former President Banda a chance to give his version on the number of accusations being alluded to him.


However the clergyman said the similar decisions in future should be  done in such a way that would make former heads of state not to feel intimidated.


Father Sitemeki suggested that in future  a commission of enquiry should instituted to look into the matters of  deeds of former Presidents after their immunity removed so that they account for themselves while in office.


He said that former Presidents should be respected but be accountable to what they did in office through a special Commission of enquiry meant to look into matters of former heads of state.


He said that such a commission would be good because former Presidents are respectable people who need to be treated special than any other ordinary person.


Father Sitemeki said that lifting of Presidents immunity should not be done to gain political mileage but for a good course of dispensation of justice.


He added that any leader should be accountable for their deeds because they need to responsible to the people they represent.

Parliament recently removed former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity from prosecution because of alleged corrupt activities and misappropriation of public funds. The motion passed with 80 for Yes, 3 for No while 4 were absentees.

Presenting the motion Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba said Mr. Banda during his tenure, abused the authority of office, and corruptly acquired public property and misappropriated funds or revenue in respect of crude oil contracts with a Nigerian Petroleum Corporation.

The move has been received with mixed feelings and apprehensions by stakeholders with Transparent International – Zambia being among the civil society who have welcomed the move.

However opposition MPs like MMD MP FOR Petauke Constituency Dora Siliya has received the development with a pinch of salt.

The MP has raised dust following her move to lift her middle finger at her male parliamentarians as she walked out of Parliament in protest when the announcement was done.