Govt. releases KR125,000 for renovating Liyamai, Liyuwa schools in Shang’ombo

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Government has through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) released KR125, 000 for the renovation of two (2) schools whose roofs were blown off in 2010 in Shang’ombo district.


Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister Poniso Njeulu named the two schools whose roofs were blown off as Liyamai and Liyuwa.


Mr. Njeulu, who is also UPND Sinjembela Member of Parliament (MP), disclosed this when he visited a number of schools in Shang’ombo district and met civil servants and the community to identify the areas of need in the district.


He noted that the renovation will help improve learning standards at the schools and urged the management to utilise the funds prudently by ensuring that the money serves the intended purpose.


He said government has accelerated its commitment to meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which include access to basic education for all.


Mr. Njeulu, who visited three schools in the district, found common challenges of poor water and sanitation facilities, inadequate classroom space and lack of accommodation for teachers.


He however assured management at these schools and the entire community that government would intervene saying the Patriotic Front (PF) administration was a listening government.


Mr. Njeulu has since appealed to civil servants and heads of various government departments to put their challenges in writing so they can be forwarded to the relevant ministries.


Meanwhile, the people of Shang’ombo district have appealed to government to quickly send relief food to the area.


A peasant farmer, Spencer Kulumbeka of Namushakende village, told ZANIS that all his crops have dried up due to the prolonged drought being experienced in the district.


Mr. Kulumbeka noted that Kaale area only received rains last year in December and in January this year.


Another farmer Koni Imasiku said crop production has lamentably failed this year because of the drought.


In response, Mr. Njeulu assured the people that government will soon send relief food to the area.


He however urged the people of Shang’ombo not to politicise the food once it was taken to the district.


Mr. Njeulu also implored the people to unite and embrace development in the area despite their political affiliation.