Justice Permanent Secretary calls for decent housing

Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary Patricia Jere

Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary Patricia Jere has observed that decent housing is one of the basic human rights that caters for 40 per cent besides water and food.

Ms. Jere said there is urgent need for individuals and other stakeholders to get involved in the provision of decent housing for both women and children who are the most disadvantaged groups in society.

She said this after taking part in the construction of decent houses for women headed households as part of the commemoration for Women’s Month of Habitat for Humanity project in Kamanga Compound in Lusaka today.

And speaking at the same function, Inspector-General of Police Stella Libongani said the Zambia Police is looking forward to working closely with communities in fighting crime in the country.

Ms. Libongani explained that the fight against crime can be achieved through collaborative efforts between the Police and the community in the provision of critical information.

She further explained that Zambia Police is proud to have been part of the project as part of efforts to enhance relations with the community.

First lady Dr. Christine Kaseba last week launched the project dubbed: “Women Build Up Campaign” targeted at providing descent housing to four identified women aged between 29 and 65 in Kamanga compound in Lusaka.