UPND adviser to the President William Banda threatens to enter DEC offices

MMD cadres sing outside DEC offices

UNITED Party for Development adviser to the party President William
Banda has threatened to enter the Drug enforcement commission offices
nomatter what it takes.
Speaking after being barred to reach the bounds made by the police
officers outside the DEC offices this Morning Banda told Police he will
enter at all costs,
” You’ll not bur us from entering if you want block all entry points
with tear gassed and live bullets we will enter,we are not scared of
live bullets,we will enter from all corners,”Banda said.
He expressed disappointment at the police,
“am very disappointed with you people just a few years ago you were the
people guarding Rupiah today you’re persecuting him,you ate and laughed
with him,do you want to kill him?” Banda asked one of the officers.
Police officers this Morning blocked government road to bur political
cadres from causing havoc, as they rustled with police yesterday when
former president Rupiah Banda appeared for questioning.
However MMD cadres have tirelessly continued singing songs of
solidarity awaiting their former leader to come out of the DEC offices.


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