Kabompo pontoon rehabilitation on course

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Rehabilitation of a pontoon by QUASI

engineering services corporation at Kamavonge ferry point in Kabompo district will be completed by April 1, this year.

QUASI engineering services corporation site assistant engineer, Joseph Lubaya disclosed this in an interview with ZANIS in Kabompo today.

Mr Lubaya said the company brought all the five old floaters and other pieces of an old pontoon from Ngwabwe in Kapirimposhi district to Kamavonge ferry point to re-assemble the pontoon in Kabompo.

He however said there has been a delay in mounting the pontoon on the river because of the massive works involved to rehabilitate the piece of equipment before it is put on the river.

Mr Lubaya nevertheless assured Kabompo people that  the rehabilitation of the pontoon will be completed within this week and the pontoon will be operational by April 1.


Mr Lubaya further assured that QUASI Engineering Services Corporation will be responsible for maintenance and employ two pontoon assistants, two operators and a cashier to run it.


When contacted Council Secretary Francis Nkoma also confirmed that the pontoon will be ready by April 1.