The Late Chieftainess Sokontwe to be put to rest on Monday

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–Late Chieftainess Sokontwe of the Ushi people of Milenge District of Luapula Province who died on Friday March 15, 2013 will be put to rest on Monday, March 18, 2013, according to a family representative.


Joshua Nkambi who is the eldest grandson of the late Chieftainess disclosed this in a telephone interview from Mansa.


Mr Nkambi said burial arrangements will be done on Sunday so that the Chieftainess could be put to rest the following day on Monday.


Mr Nkambi is the eldest of the late Chieftainess’ six grandchildren who were born from the late Chieftainess’ only daughter.


The Chieftainess’ only daughter had 12 children from which six have since died.


And Luapula Province Minister Brigadier General Benson Kapaya disclosed that he was on his way from attending parliament in Lusaka to Mansa to deliver a message of condolences from the Republican President to the bereaved family and the people of Luapula province on the untimely death of the Chieftainess.


Brig. Gen. Kapaya said he will meet Milenge District Commissioner Mumba Wala Mushitu today in Mansa to get a briefing on what was obtaining on the ground.



President Sata has requested Luapula Province Minister to convey his heart felt grief and sorrow at the untimely death of the late Chieftainess to the bereaved family and the people of Luapula province.


President Sata  acknowledged the valuable contribution and role that the late Chieftainess played in promoting developmental projects for her subjects in her chiefdom during the period she presided over the affairs of the chiefdom.