Government critical for business development-Matoka

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An entrepreneurship consultant Windu Matoka has observed that government was a critical institution in the development of every business and organisation in the country.

Mr. Matoka said no business or organization can exist in the country without cooperating with government.


He said departments such as the Patents and Company Registration Authority (PACRA), the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) should not be ignored so that meaningful business can survive.

Mr. Matoka, who is also an employee of the Zambia Development Agency,
urged organizations and businesses to engage competent human resource personnel who should operate in a competitive world where clients have a choice to buy goods and services which satisfy their needs.

He said there was need to be mindful of the demands of the clients and
respond to their needs if one is to achieve and sustain organizational effectiveness in a private or public company.


Mr. Matoka was speaking last evening at a discussion forum in Lusaka.


And a civil society organization development specialist Mwenda Mumbuna
observed that the influx of civil society organizations (CSO) in the country has been necessitated by funding from cooperating partners.


Mr. Mumbuna said cooperating partners have left some civil society organizations vulnerable to what he termed as funding shocks.

He explained that most CSOs have lost their vision due to the donor orientation which he said has been determining the strategic focus of these organizations.


He further noted that although there was a lot of improvement in coordination and harmonization of funding for CSOs in Zambia, it was not the same for technical support as there was still a lot of duplication of technical support where some organisations receive same support from various donors

The discussion forum attracted consultants from different professions and leaders of various organizations that range from CSOs, private and public companies.