Boy 19 killed by Hippopotamus

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–A 19-year-old boy of Ikonkaile area in Chief Kaingu’s Chiefdom in Itezhi tezhi district in central province has died on Lake Itezhi tezhi after a hippopotamus hit the canoe he was in.


Itezhi tezhi Ward Councilor Golden Buumba confirmed the death of Gift Chinyama who died on Tuesday this week in an interview with ZANIS in Itezhi tezhi.


Mr Buumba said Chinyama was out on Lake Itezhi tezhi in his canoe fishing when the hippopotamus hit his canoe which later capsized.


Mr.  Buumba said that the body of Chinyama has been retrieved from the water and has since been buried.


And Mr. Buumba has bemoaned the increased number of school children dying on the lake while fishing.


“We have had numerous instances of children dying on the lake while fishing in Ikonkaile area” Mr. Buumba said