ZNUT procure 12 vehicles for provincial leaders

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Minister of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda has observed that enlightening workers on industrial relations matters was a key ingredient to improving the labour conditions in the country.


Mr. Shamenda said workers were the best labour inspectors in any workplace hence the need to educate them about labour issues.


He noted that high levels of ignorance on industrial relation issues among workers in the country were a source of concern to government.


He was speaking in Lusaka today when he handed over 12 vehicles to the Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) Provincial leaders.


Mr. Shamenda observed that many workers do not know their rights in the workplaces a situation he said resulted into them being taken advantage of by their employers.


He said this ignorance has also resulted in workers engaging into strikes even before negotiation procedures are exhausted and a dispute declared.


He said only when workers were enlightened on their rights will the labour industry in the country be enviable.


And Mr. Shamenda has directed trade unions in Zambia to ensure that 30 percent of their total earnings were directed towards programmes that directly benefit their members.


He said union members were entitled to 30 percent of the revenue collected from their contributions adding that government will ensure that all unions comply with this policy.


Mr. Shamenda commended ZNUT for the initiative of acquiring vehicles for its leaders and urged the union provincial leaders to put them to good use.


Meanwhile, ZNUT president, Henry Kapendwa said the vehicles were meant to provide quality service delivery in all provinces.


Mr. Kapendwa explained that the vehicles, which will be dispatched to all provinces in Zambia, will enable union leaders to reach out to all ZNUT members in far places.