Lusaka Mayor bemoans low police support

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Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga has bemoaned the low support from the Zambia Police Service to the Lusaka City council security wing on intensifying patrols aimed at controlling bar operations in the city.


Mr. Chisenga said it was unfortunate that the council, which he said has limited resources, has to pay allowances to the police whenever officers are called upon to help the council police carry out its patrols on bar operations around the city.


He told ZANIS in Lusaka today that the local council was aware that there were some people abrogating the liquor licences by opening their bars and clubs before the stipulated time.


He said the council manpower was not sufficient to carry out patrols effectively therefore it needs support from other security wings such as the Zambia police.


Mr. Chisenga said the local authority was currently working on liaising with the Zambia police to ensure that the paying of allowances to police officers during patrols is removed.


He has noted that controlling liquor selling was not just a benefit of the local council but every well meaning citizen of Zambia.


And Mr. Chisenga has disclosed that the council will build an ultra modern market at COMESA market once pending court cases are cleared.


He said the council was committed to ensuring that the youth in the city benefit from government’s fund adding that if people trade under one roof, it was easy for them to form groups and access loans to boost their businesses.


He stated that the council demolished its offices and shops to create space for the construction of a market for the youth that were trading in isolation along the roads in Kalingalinga.