–Garry Nkombo, 7 others freed

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—-Mazabuka Central UPND member of parliament

Garry Nkombo and seven others who were facing a murder charge have walked to
freedom after the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito
discontinued the case against them.

The eight appeared in the magistrates courts in Livingstone this
morning and were informed that the DPP had written to discontinue the case
against them and were there by set free.

The murder charge arose from the death of PF cadre Harrison Chanda who
was allegedly hacked by suspected UPND carders about two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, a PF cadre Henry Harry Lungu 26, unemployed of B2 30 Libuyu
compound in Livingstone has been formerly charged with the murder of
Harrison Chanda.

When asked if he understood the charge by Magistrate  Chola Musonda Lungu
affirmed and he will appear in the magistrate court for mention on
March 25, 2013.

A case of murder in the Zambian statutes is a non- bail able offence and carries a death
penalty when found guilty.

Earlier after their release from court, the eight UPND members took to the streets of Livingstone

with their supporters in celebration over the discontinuation of the case
and walk to freedom.

The celebration caused congestion on the road and many people stopped
doing their usual business to catch a glimpse of the released UPND
members while others ran alongside the moving vehicles to show their
support while waving the UPND party symbol.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakinde
Hichilema has advised the police to make proper investigations before
accusing and arresting people of serious offences like murder.

He described the treatment received by the seven members of UPND in
jail as inhuman.

Mr Hichilema claimed that the ruling PF party was just trying to tarnish the image of the
UPND to the public.

Mr. Hichilema further claimed that the police knew who the alleged killers of Chanda were but 

tried to frame the UPND for a crime they did not commit.

“Under PF you are guilty before you are tired. This is the brutality
we talk about concerning the rule of the PF “, he said.

He said the party will consult their lawyers on the way forward now
that the case has been discontinued.

He said the people of Livingstone now know UPND is not a violent party and
the people of Zambia know that UPND is a victim of a state sponsored
scheme by the ruling party to frame it for crimes they have not

He said there is no comfort for the people involved; state needs to
explain why the arrested innocent people and some people need to be
brought to book like western province minister Obvious Mwaliteta whom
he accused of assaulting Mazabuka Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo at
the police station which left him with a fractured arm.

The defense team made it known to the court that the medical report of
the victim has gone missing and has made a request to the court to
help provide them with a medical report signed by a certified medical

The magistrate granted the request which he asked the Public
Prosecutor to avail it to him.