FRA Young Employees donate to Female Inmates

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–Young employees at the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in Lusaka have donated assorted foodstuffs and toiletries to female inmates and their children at Lusaka Central Prison worth KR 12, 000.


Speaking on behalf of other FRA Youths, Chimfwembe Mfula said the youths decided to interact and donate to female inmates especially those with children as part of this year’s Youth Day Celebrations.


Ms. Mfula explained that although FRA is known for securing National Food Reserves in the country, the youths decided to be innovative by supplementing the Agency’s Social Corporate Responsibility programme to the community especially the vulnerable in society.


She further explained that in line with year’s Youth Day’s Theme: “Opportunity for the Youth through enterprise” the youths also donated toys to children who are in prison by virtue of their incarcerated mothers to create innovation among them.


Ms. Mfula called for enhanced partnerships between the Agency and Prison Authorities in order to supplement government efforts in addressing some of the challenges faced by inmates.


Earlier, Lusaka Central Prisons Assistant Superintendent Levy Mwanza disclosed that the prison has a total population of over 1, 179 inmates as of today.


Mr. Mwanza explained that out of this number, 98 are female inmates with 6 children under the age of 2 and are in prison by virtue of their mothers’ incarceration.


He commended the young employees at FRA for supplementing government efforts aimed at bettering the welfare of inmates at the facility.


Mr. Mwanza implored other companies and business entities to emulate the gesture by the FRA and donate to the prisons if government’s intentions of making prison life more humane are to be a reality.


HE urged FRA and other companies to consider making similar donations to the male inmates at the Prison.


Inmates commended the prisons authorities’ for allowing FRA to make a donation to the inmates.


Zambia tomorrow celebrates the Youth Day under the theme:  “Opportunity for the Youth through enterprise”.