Kalaba challenges Nakonde women

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-Deputy Minister in the Vice Presidents’ Office Harry Kalaba has challenged women in Nakonde district to make use of resources and opportunities bound within their town to become self reliant.

Mr Kalaba said the Patriotic Front government is aware of the growing need for women to enjoy their freedoms and become partners in national development.

He said Nakonde being Zambia’s boarder town linking to the East parts of Africa has the great potential and capacity to effectively contribute to the growth of Zambia’s economy.

He noted that governments plan to improve the road network across the country is aimed at creating industrial clusters outside the lines of rail and ensure that many women and youths find employment in their respective usual residence and reduce rural urban migration the country has witnessed in the past.

Mr Kalaba said Nakonde district has the potential to change the livelihood of women and the youth if people ventured their energies towards sectors of income generative nature.

He urged women to become drivers in the economic development of the town by becoming active members of society with a positive voice for development.

Mr Kalaba who was in Nakonde to officiate at this years’ International Women’s’ Day said Nakonde is endowed with many growth potential sectors which can be used by the local people for self sustainability.

He observed that Nakonde is one of the districts with the fast growing population as a result of the many business opportunity the district offers.

Mr Kalaba reminded women and the youths to be weary of the burden and exposure to HIV/AIDS that come with the increased development in border towns.

He said government is actively supporting women and youths who are victims in most cases through the support that has been since given to women and youths through the various empowerment programs.

And Nakonde Women Organising Committee Chairperson Mary Lapukeni thanked government for the continued support towards women programs in the country.

Mrs Lapukeni said since the coming of the PF into power the country has seen great transformation in women’s participation in social and governance issues.

She called on government and the private sector to consider working closely with women in taking action to improving the quality of life for women across the country.

She further thanked government for turning the Gender Development division into a ministry and expressed hope that this will in turn create a more proactive twist to matters affecting women in society.