-Masebo calls for patriotism in tourism marketing

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From Charles Mangwato in Berlin, Germany

Masebo calls for patriotism in tourism marketing

Berlin, March 7, 2013, ZANIS – Tourism and Arts Minister Silvia Masebo has called for selflessness and patriotism among public servants involved in marketing Zambia’s tourism sector.

 Ms Masebo has also urged Zambians in missions abroad to be aggressive in marketing tourist attractions if the country is to increase the inflow of visitors and maximize economic benefit from the sector.

 ZANIS reports that the minister was speaking in Berlin today when she called on Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Bwalya Chiti.

Ms Masebo  is accompanied by permanent secretary in the ministry Charity Mwansa and  director for trans-frontier conservation areas, Professor Andrew Nambota.

 “I am particularly worried about the negative attitude of some of our civil servants who are directly involved in facilitating tourism activities. They need to change this attitude,” she said.

 Ms Masebo said it is also worrying that although Zambia is endowed with the Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the World, the country has not been able to enjoy maximum economic benefit from this attraction.

 She said instead some named countries in the region have continued to market the Victoria Falls as though it were located in their countries.

 “You find that foreign tourists even come to the falls without realizing that they are in Zambia.”

 Ms Masebo said the Patriotic Front (PF) government is determined to correct this situation.

 The minister is in Berlin to among other things attend the World Tourism Fair locally known as ITB, one of the biggest travel trade shows.

The Zambian team wants to tap into the Germany tourist market because it’s people are currently listed as the largest group of outbound travelers in the world. 

Since arriving in Germany, Ms Masebo has held private talks with United Nations World Tourism Organisation – UNWTO  secretary general Taleb Rifai.

Zambia’s marketing strategy is focusing on ten key markets which include Germany.

Historically, Zambia has not fully participated in the Germany market because of a limited marketing budget as well as the language barrier as Germany is not an English specking country.