Fish pond construction pleases government

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Fish pond construction pleases government

Kabompo, March 7, ZANIS ———– Government is happy with Environment and Development in Zambia (EDZ) for making 13 new fish ponds for Tilapia bream farming at Katendwa about 12 kilometres west of Kabompo.

Kabompo District Commissioner Dennis Kanyakula said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kabompo today.

Mr Kanyakula said EDZ had taken a right step in fish farming in Kabompo district by making 13 fish ponds to produce tilapia bream for sale to the public in the town which had been facing critical shortage of fresh fish for a long time.

He said the fresh fish supplies from the 13 fish ponds made at Katendwa would go a long way in reducing malnutrition in households both in the town and in villages in the district.

And EDZ Programme Co-ordinator Musongole Chipangile  said the fish would be sold at affordable price to average households who face difficulties in buying fish at markets at exorbitant price imposed by fish traders from Western province, Zambezi and Chavuma districts .

In January this year North-Western Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba inspected the 13 fish ponds at Katendwa and urged EDZ to extend fish farming skills to people in the surrounding villages in order for them to go into fish farming and put more money in their pockets and reduce poverty.